International Hourbuilding Programme

LHA Europe

The Leading Helicopter Academies (LHA) is launching Europe’s first international hour building programme. Giving young pilots the opportunity to build hours at more than one helicopter school.

This exclusive programme delivers better pilots. Novice aviators learn a much wider variety of skills. Instead of repeated flights with the same helicopter and the same flying conditions, they gain valuable experience in different helicopters and different flying conditions. Mountains, beaches, seasons, simulators, specialisms, and special ratings. Not only do student flyers get the most out of hour building, but also the best out of themselves.

Starting pilots can also learn new skills, like training for an exclusive mountain rating, or long line sling. Extra skills and a larger international network mean they are better positioned, with more opportunities in the helicopter labour market.

EHC CEO and LHA Spokesperson Anette Kruhaug Haldersen: “We believe that flight academies working together is the way forward. Not only can we learn from each other, but also introduce new ideas in the European market, like the international hour building programme.”

The international hour building programme works on a practical level too. Winter in Northern Europe doesn’t offer the best conditions for flying. Within our programme, pilots can then fly with our members in Southern Europe, where you can fly all year round. Put simply, only LHA can offer young pilots in Europe the opportunity to fly every day of the year.

Pilots interested in the programme can contact any of our academies directly. Click here for contact details.