International Hour Building

No time is more important than the start of your flying career. That is when you should learn as much as you possibly can and discover where your heart lies for your future. Young and aspiring pilots need more than 100 hours to obtain their CPL or PPL. Until now, these hours were built at just one flight academy. In other words, the same place, the same helicopter and the same flying conditions. Placing a serious limitation on what a young pilot can learn. Not anymore.

Our network allows us to offer a unique international hour building programme. Instead of building hours at one location, we offer mixed programmes with locations all over Europe.

So, different helicopter academies, different locations, different environments, different helicopters and different experiences. Mountains, beaches, seasons, simulators, specialisms, and special ratings. Not only do you get the most out of hour building, but also you get the best out of yourself.

The exclusive LHA international hour building programme delivers better pilots. Better prepared and better positioned for the helicopter labour market. On top of that, imagine what this does for your network. Instead of just the network of one flight school, you have new contacts all over Europe.

How does it work in practice? Each LHA member has specialisms and reasons to do your hour building with them. You choose what you would like to learn and where. In each case you will have a “home” academy who supervises, assists and guides you through all the possibilities. 

If you would like to know more, you can contact us by email, but better still if you have direct contact with your local (home) member, who can help you with all your questions.

The programme you choose can be as simple or as extensive as you prefer. It’s up to you.

LHA Academies

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