Helicopter pilot training

Aspiring pilots

It takes great skill, natural talent and time to master the skies. And it’s a significant financial investment. If you’re serious about becoming a helicopter pilot you should choose a serious flying school. Leading Helicopter Academies offers the best in Europe. Excellent academies and flying schools to properly learn how to fly and earn your PPL, CPL or ATPL. Not only will you become an exceptional pilot, but you will also have the possibility to learn a wider variety of skills at different locations. Building and improving on those skills through the many other advanced programmes that our network can provide.

The European scale of LHA means that you have more opportunities to launch your career. Either at one of our commercial operations or through our wider network of companies and governmental organisations.


Experienced pilots

You can always be better. You can always learn something new. Our European network offers the full spectrum of specialisms. Professional qualifications, across a wide range of skills, ratings and missions (such as IR, MCC, PBN, ME, SPO).

LHA might well be the perfect platform to take the next step in your career. Whether that’s with one of our members, or through our large international network of companies and governmental organisations.


 Be the best pilot you can be

Benefits for aspiring pilots

  • We specialise in training, which means that you will be a better pilot.
  • Industry recognition and our international network offers more career opportunities. Either working with us, or other large helicopter organisations.
  • Highly experienced flight instructors, who have fulfilled roles at major aviation companies. You’re learning from the best.
  • We offer training programmes that cross country borders. Accelerating your professional development (and it’s more fun!).

Benefits for experienced pilots

  • Our European network offers any specialism you’re looking for and you will be trained by the best in their field.
  • Specific ratings, certifications and refreshers are available, to take your flying skills to the next level.
  • Our network improves your network. Who knows where it may take your career?