The value of ratings

Additional ratings give a helicopter pilot more skills and entitlements. Because of this, the pilot can assume more duties and new responsibilities, making ratings important for career development. Our extensive network enables us to offer all EASA helicopter ratings across Europe. Matching any requirements and providing the skills training, testing and ratings you are looking for. This ranges from helicopter type ratings to mission and operational ratings (such as IR, MCC, MOU, PBN, ME), all the way to advanced instructor and examiner ratings.

Leading Helicopter Academies provide the full spectrum of training services for ratings and checks, on real helicopters and simulators. These can be customised and adapted to specific requirements of commercial and public service operators. That can be at your location or at one of our academies.


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Type Ratings

The Leading Helicopter Academies provide over 16,000 hours of training every year. With 80 flight instructors at 63 bases all over Europe, our members can offer ratings and skill tests for over 20 types of helicopters.

LHA Helicopter Types

Instrument Rating

Instrument rating is one of the most important ratings. Pilots learn about navigation, air traffic control and flying in challenging weather conditions. This rating is often included with the ATPL licence, but PPL and CPL holders can also train for it. Instrument rating is a must for many helicopter jobs, particularly offshore operations where helicopters fly under IFR rules.

Additional Ratings and skills

LHA provides training for every rating required. In addition, many of our academies can offer mission and role-specific training.

Instructors and Examiners

Our European network of academies can offer training and qualification for all types of EASA regulated instructor and examiner ratings. That includes flight instructor, examiner and flight instructor examiner.

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